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WV State Privacy Office

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Suite 4300
Charleston, WV 25311

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 Privacy Policies

These policies were issued by the Chair of the Health Care Authority as developed by the Privacy Management Team, after obtaining consensus from all Executive Branch Departments. There may be specific Department-level policies and procedures issued.  Please contact your Department Privacy Officer for more information.


 Policy Name  Policy Number  Issue/Revision Date
 Accountability Policy  WVEB-P101    Revised 4/1/2012
      Response to Unauthorized Disclosures Procedure  WVEB-P101.1  Revised 10/9/2014
      Execution of Confidentiality Agreements Procedure  WVEB-P101.2  Issued 3/16/2012
           Executive Branch Confidentiality Agreement Document    
      Privacy Impact Assessment Guidance  WVEB-P101.3  Issued 6/15/2015
 Consent Policy  WVEB-P102     Issued 1/30/2009
 Individual Rights Policy  WVEB-P103  Issued 1/30/2009
 Minimum Necessary and Limited Use Policy  WVEB-P104  Issued 1/30/2009
 Notice Policy  WVEB-P105  Issued 1/30/2009
 Security Safeguards Policy  WVEB-P106  Issued 1/30/2009
      Redaction Procedure
 WVEB-P106.1  Issued 1/20/2011
Privacy Policy Introduction
Privacy Policy Definitions

Implementation Resources:

 Data Use Agreement Template