West Virginia State Privacy Office

Privacy Policies

These policies were originally issued by the Chair of the Health Care Authority and were reaffirmed, on June 12, 2017, to continue to be in effect by the Director of the Board of Risk and Insurance Management (BRIM).  This was done subsequent to the move of the West Virginia State Privacy Office to BRIM by Executive Order 3-17.

The Privacy Management Team developed these policies, after obtaining consensus from all Executive Branch Departments.  There may be specific Department-level policies and procedures issued.  Please contact your Department Privacy Officer for more information.

Memo to reaffirm privacy policies

Accountability Policy - WVEB-P101
Revised 4/1/2012

Consent Policy - WVEB-P102
Issued 1/30/2009

Individual Rights Policy - WVEB-P103
Issued 1/30/2009

Minimum Necessary and Limited Use Policy - WVEB-P104
Issued 1/30/2009

Notice Policy - WVEB-P105
Issued 1/30/2009

Security Safeguards Policy - WVEB-P106
Issued 1/30/2009

Privacy Policy Introduction
Privacy Policy Definitions

Implementation Resources:

Data Use Agreement Template