West Virginia State Privacy Office

What We Do

The West Virginia State Privacy Office serves the citizens of the State by managing the protection of personally identifiable information (PII) collected and maintained by Executive Branch agencies.

The State Privacy Office assists West Virginia State Government Departments in the Executive Branch by:
  • Facilitating development and issuance of Executive Branch Privacy Policies
  • Answering privacy questions from all Departments
  • Leading the Privacy Management Team (PMT)
  • Working to ensure there is a Privacy Officer in every Department
  • Ensuring the Privacy Officer understands his or her role and responsibilities within the Department Providing training
  • Providing assistance and support as needed.
The West Virginia Executive Branch Privacy Program balances an individual’s right of privacy against others' need and right of access to PII.
The Privacy Program is based upon these six Privacy Principles, consistent with law and policy:
  • Accountability
  • Consent
  • Individual Rights
  • Minimum Necessary and Limited Use
  • Notice
  • Security Safeguards
Placing a focus on upholding privacy standards decreases the risk of unauthorized access to PII and fosters trust among the government and the residents of the state. Generally, the State Privacy Office does not provide direct service to consumers, but offers a list of available resources here: Consumer Info