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WV Executive Branch Privacy Tip


What’s in your privacy notice?

A privacy notice is an outward-facing document that is meant specifically for those individuals whose personal information is being collected. Unfortunately, a 2012 study showed that the average reader would need 25 days simply to read the privacy policies for all websites accessed in a year. Do you know what’s in your department or agency’s privacy notice?


The WV Executive Branch Notice Policy requires that all departments that collect personally identifiable information (PII) directly from individuals have a privacy notice that contains:

·         A description of the information collected,

·         The source of the information if not directly collected from the individual,

·         A statement of how and why the information is collected,

·         To whom the information will be disclosed,

·         Where the information will be stored and maintained,

·         That the PII will be stored securely; and

·         If the individual has any rights or choices regarding the collection of their information.


The notice should be in simple language, so that it is understandable. It should always be given upon request by an individual, and in an appropriately accessible format. The notice shall also be placed on the department’s website, if it has one. Some departments have specific requirements, such as HIPAA, which also must be taken into consideration.


Have you read your department or agency’s privacy notice? If not, find it! If you have not read it, how do you know if you are supporting your department’s promises it makes regarding how PII is collected, used, shared, and safeguarded? You can’t! To be able to comply with your department’s privacy notice, you need to read, understand, and do your job in accordance with those promises.


Note:  Your agency/bureau/department/division may have specific requirements – always check your policies and procedures.  If you have questions, contact your Privacy Officer.




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