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Archived Privacy Tips

Managing Privacy Effectively
Incident Reporting
Somebody to Lean On
Limited Data and Direct Identifiers
Do You Know Who's Listening In?
It's Really About Trust
Pre-Recorded Telephone Calls
Accuracy of PII
Privacy Defined
Websites that Collect PII from Children
Alphabet Soup
Minimizing Mistakes
Managing Vendors
Learn from Other People's Mistakes
Identify Theft Red Flags
Privacy-Savvy Grown-Ups, Privacy-Savvy Kids
Privacy in the Workplace
Spyware, Adware and Other Naughty Programs
Changing Your Password
Fighting Spam
Fact or Fiction?
Understanding, Phishing and Spear Phishing Threats
Debunking Some Common Security Myths
Free and Excellent Resources
Cell Phones, Smart Phones, and Other Personal Devices
Social Engineering
Tons of PII
Privacy Notice Audits
Security Safeguards
Accessing Your Consumer Credit Report
Removing Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
Using Privacy Notices
Know the Information Security Rules
Managing Individual Objections to the Collection or Use of PI
Sharing Personal Information With Vendors
Obtaining Personal Information (PI) From Third Parties
Asking for More Than the Minimum Necessary - When & How You Can
Handling Objections to Personal Information Collection Requests
New Uses of Personal Information & the Minimum Necessary Policy
Sharing the "Minimum Necessary"
Sharing Personal Information With Vendors
Sharing PI With Other Government Agencies
Only Collect the Personal Information You Need for the Job You Have to do
Understanding the Minimum Necessary & Limited Use Policy
Accuracy of Third Party Data Sources
Accuracy of Personal Information (PI)
Individual Redress
Correcting Personal Information (PI)
Accessing your Own Personal Information (PI)
FOIA vs. Individual Rights
Limits on Individual Access Rights
Individual Rights of Access are Guaranteed by Many Laws
Understanding the Ind.Rights Policy
Why We Give Privacy Notices
Privacy Notices Required by Fed.Priv.Act
Privacy Notice Changes
Using Privacy Notices Internally
Using Layered Privacy Notices
Privacy Notice Considerations
Delivering Privacy Notices
Providing Privacy Notices
Understanding the Notice Policy
Managing Privacy Effectively
Mistakes Happen
Handling Privacy Questions & Complaints
Managing Privacy Policy Violations
Privacy or Security Questions?
Most Benefit from Privacy Training
Everyone is Responsible for PII
Privacy Policies Introductory Tip
PHI Guidelines
FOIA - Freedom of Information Act
Credit Counselor
HIPAA Privacy Rule
Use of Social Security Numbers
Data Breaches
WV Governmental Ethics Act
Video Voyeurism Prevention Act of 2004
Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act
Privacy Policy Intro
Managing Privacy Effectively
Bluetooth Technology
Privacy Act of 1974
Insurance Covered Under HIPAA
HIPAA Privacy & HIPAA Security
Covered Entity Disclosure of PHI
Yearly Free Report
Protecting & Securing Privacy - PII
What is Social Engineering?
Senate Bill 340
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